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Milford & Derby Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
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Patient Testimonials


Here at M&D, we strive for constant improvement.  Our Patient Satisfaction Survey elicits feedback on our services and has the option for commentary.  These surveys are anonymous, with the exception of identifying the office visited.  The selections are direct quotes from what our patients have to say about M&D.

What our Patients are Saying
When I think of the very long and difficult journey I have been on, I have tears in my eyes when I think about all of you and your wonderful care, kindness, empathy and profound expertise you have shown to me. From the minute I walked through the door on that first day for a consult, to the day of my procedure and the excellent follow-up care you have done, I only wish everyone who might need specialized dental care could go to you. Dr. Ciuci, Erica, Liz, Veronica, Kelly - and everyone I encountered there: I cannot thank you enough for helping me during this hard time. Your practice should be a model for the entire industry. Thank you so much!
~Milford Patient, 12/9/2022


I received excellent care from Dr. Perrone. The implant is perfect and went smoothly. Dr Perrone was very attentive, gentle, and his highly skilled techniques were greatly noticeable. I will recommend him to my friends and relatives. Thank you Dr Perrone for putting me at ease with every appointment.
~Derby Patient, 3/27/2023


I had suffered with a cracked wisdom tooth for a week because it happened on a business trip... I was a little disappointed that I couldn't be seen sooner because they were booked...But when I finally made it in for the consultation and extraction procedure...I could not ask for more compassionate professional gentle care... It was worth the wait and I knew in my heart that I did the right thing and let Dr Perrone perform the extraction. I love Dr Perrone and his wonderful staff!!! The Best Dentist in CT!!!!
~Milford Patient, 3/28/2023


The whole staff was so welcoming and very kind to my family. You truly feel the love they have for each of their patients. Awesome job I absolutely appreciate and love how they explained everything they were going to do each step not just to me but to my daughter. Amazing 😍.
~Derby Patient, 6/9/2023


The office staff was very friendly and nice and professional. The techs and staff that assisted in my care were really nice made me very comfortable and explained everything really well. Dr Perrone made it as good as it could be with the amount of pain I was in, his consideration for my well being and health (I have autoimmune diseases and on many meds) he was very concerned for my pain level and making sure we did the best for my health and situation. It Was really a great experience!!!!!
~Derby Patient, June 19, 2023


Everyone at M&D was very professional and kind. Our daughter had to have two extractions and she was very anxious about the process. Dr. Ciuci and his staff explained everything very clearly and put us at ease. They went out of their way to make our daughter comfortable during the procedure. They played her favorite music and made sure I was informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Dr. Ciuci and his staff!
~Milford Patient’s Mom, 6/19/2023


Everyone was wonderful with my son. They put both of us at ease, by explaining everything to us. Dr. Ciuci was gentle and kind. His entire team was polite and caring. Loved that they called us the next day to see how my son was doing after his extractions. Highly recommend Dr. Ciuci and his team!
~Derby Patient’s Mom, 6/20/2023


No complaints. Staff was great. Dr. Perrone was fantastic. Knew how to speak and calm me down. Didn't feel anything until novocaine wore off. Would recommend Dr. Perrone to anyone.
~Milford Patient, 6/27/2023


This is one of the best practices that I have dealt with. The staff is genuinely concerned and kind. All details are discussed thoroughly and Dr. Ciuci’s oral surgery skills are next level! He is informative and kind. I highly recommend this practice.
~Derby Patient, 8/21/2023


The service was perfect!Very professional, kind, very empathetic. Both doctor & technicians explained everything in detail. Perfecto!!  Thank you 😊 
~Derby Patient, 9/15/2023


I have no suggestions at all except to do everything exactly how you did for me during my appointment. The doctor's assistant, Nikky, was so attentive to my every need. She even patted my arm during the extraction and kept reminding me to breathe in a very calm voice.
The doctor explained everything wonderfully. When he started to extract my tooth, he explained what he was doing at every step. It was extremely quick and without any discomfort at all.
The most amazing aspect of this was that there was no pain in the following hours and days after the procedure. How is that possible? I am assuming it is the exceptional knowledge and ability of the doctor. I kept waiting for pain, and it never came. I didn't need any pain medication at all.  I kept running my tooth around my mouth to ensure that a tooth was in fact extracted - yes it was! No pain - wonderful service - I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone who wants exceptional work done.
Thank you so much.
~Milford Patient, 10/31/2023


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